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Commission spokesperson: All preparations for the Parliamentary election process in 30/9/2018 have been finished

In a statement through an interview on 30th of October 2018, Mr. Sherwan Zrar the official spokesperson of the independent High electoral and referendum Commission of Kurdistan Region mentioned the latest preparations of the Commission for the Kurdistan Parliamentary Elections of 30th October and stated that all types of preparations have been finished. Logistically all of the equipments for elections are ready and have arrived at the store  of the Commission. Meanwhile all names of the contract employees have been announced and currently they are under special training related to the requirements and demands of the elections. As concerning for violations he stated, “For a better way of running the process, several regulations are set named ‘Regulations for the Parliamentary Elections of Kurdistan 2018’ at the beginning of the process through the Office of Media and Relations, intensive monitoring of the elections campaign will be carried out as well as a special team for monitoring and supervising the elections will be formed in the Governorate office. Any violation that is recorded, will be raised by those teams to the board of commissioners . Thus, they will apply the punishments according to the type of violation and up to now, 8 political parties and 2 candidates have been punished and the punishments have been published on the official site of the Commission. In the interview, Mr. Sherwan Zrar about the party of “Alliance for Democracy and Justice” stated, “The Commission was asked by the party’s legally licensed person to remove their party and candidates names from the elections lost, but their request was rejected because according to the regulations, the legal time for removing the parties’ names from the election list is over. So, any candidate in that party can advertise for himself and participate in the elections. As for conditional votings of the current elections, the spokesperson of the Commission mentioned, ‘ We asked the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior to send us the names of the  employees of Health and Interior Ministry voters who will be on duty during the day of the public elections as well as the prisoners, but unfortunately, we did not receive those names in the appropriate time, so the Commission had to keep the names in the list of public voters and the prisoners will not have the chance to vote. During the interview, he also talked about the special voting papers, he stated “The papers are produced in Germany, its produced of special substances which is different from ordinary papers, there are also 100 devices used to check genuine papers, if any paper is suspicious, it can be tested by these devices. A piece of that paper is cut and put inside the device and he device shows either the paper is genuine or fraud.”

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