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Commission had a meeting with headquarters of political parties.

On Monday 22 July 2018 in the headquarters of independent high election commission referendum in Erbil, board of commissioner meeting with election headquarters of political parties' participants in Kurdistan election of30sep2018.
In this meeting they discussed about renew voter registration, remove death people and repeat name from list.
The Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission
make sure to other political parties about remove death people and repeated name from list.
In other part of meeting the commission ask from the other political parts, help and coordination from guidance voter for vesting renew registration voter center, for Suring the name and encourage for visiting center.
The Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission, in the Kurdistan parliament election of30 sep 2018 make new special list for commission and renew all of the death name and repeat name from the list.
From now all of state, city and area renew center list opened and people and voter can visit the center for Suring of the registries name




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