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The electoral commission clarified the details, procedures, and instructions to international observers for Kurdistan parliament elections

"Mr. (Handren Mohammad) chief of commissioners board, and Mr. (Sulaiman Mustafa) deputy board of commissioners met with an international observers, on Thursday 27/9/2018 in Erbil.
In the meeting each one of chief of commissioners board and his deputy explained the contents of procedures and instructions of high commission for international observers."
"Another side of the meeting Mr. (Handrn Mohammad) clarified statistics and information about the number of centers and the number of people who have the right to vote."
After meeting both of chief of commissioners board and his deputy have done a press conference.
(Handren Mohammad) clarified the contents of meetingto European organizations to explain figures, information and procedures for the election of parliament Kurdistan at 30/9, and announced that : the latest voter registration statistics with the number of people that have the right to vote in the four governorate for Kurdistan parliament election 3,085,461 voter divided over four governorate in this form:
Within the boards of Sulaymaniyah include villages and suburbs (1,196,980) voters, in Erbil (1,109,072) voter, in Duhok (711,218) voter and in Halabja governorate (68,191) voter have right to vote.
About the special voting the chief of commissioners (Handren Mohemmed) announced the number of special voter 170,469 people, can vote on Friday 28/9/2018.
And the percentage in the province of Erbil 72,653 people vote, Sulaymaniyah governorate 2,175 people vote in special voting 99 centers of voting will be open in Erbil 41 center in Sulaymaniah 37 centers in Duhok 20 center and in Halabja only one center will be open for special voting.
And general voting will be open 30/9, also announced the total center 1260 centers will be open and divided on the four governorate in this form:
In erbil449 centers, in Sulaymanyah 476 centers, Duhok 257centers, and halabja28 centers.
In press conference (Hndren Mohemmed) said that the voting period ends at 6pm all polling station will be closed.
In addition, the chief of commissioners board announced that the 279,000 people visited voter registration center.




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